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 Boutique-Style Collections of Hand Crocheted Goods

Whether you are looking to treat yourself to that stunning, unique accessory, or the perfect gift to give new parents, or wanting to keep you children warm, yet stylish, then you are bound to find something here. Having a hard time finding that one thing you have in mind but just not seeing it anywhere? Then contact me for a custom order. I will work with you to make sure you get your heart's desire. Thank you for visiting my page, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Meet the Designer

Vanessa M.

I love what I do and pass that along into my work and designs. This is a one woman show, with my wearing the many hats of running a small business. I create, design, crochet, then wrap and ship each item you see. I never use a third person source or party in my creative process and everything is truly handmade by me. 

About VSM Handcrafted Designs

Inspiration from Heritage and Heirlooms

Crochet has been a part of my life since I was a child. However, I didn’t embrace the art until my early teens. I finally learned to crochet because of my grandmother, who passed away when I was only three. Even though I never got a chance to learn from her, the creations left around my grandparents’ home inspired me to learn how to do what she did. I even have a few of her hooks that I found tucked back in her old sewing kit. It has always been a connection to her for me and it becomes even stronger as the years pass.

I am now going on over twenty years of working with the tools of the art, and enjoy creating my own patterns and designs. I am inspired daily by what I see around me. The color of a sunset, the childish glee of my boys playing pretend, a beautiful vintage cloche in the window of one of the many antique shops in my town, all become starting points for my designs. I don't really work off of predetermined patterns, unless it's one of my own, because I so enjoy the creativity of letting the yarn work with me. It's a very organic process and that is a huge enjoyment on my part. 

I have great pride in the work I create for VSM Handcrafted Designs and love being able to share my craft with others. 

~Vanessa M.