Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Spooktacular Projects!!!

While my hands are still busy with hook and yarn, many of these are larger items that are still in process or waiting in line. Once they start looking more like their intended form, I'll happily share those. I wanted to pass along a few videos I have up on my YouTube channel as they are perfect for this spooky fun of October and Halloween.

Many of these are made with items you can find right now in your discount and craft stores, and step by step tutorials will help you create these in your own home!

My first easy and also kid friendly one is the Cheesecloth Ghost! It's an old technique I learned back in Brownies but tons of fun to do with kiddos as they can give them some personality once they dry. I highly encourage painting on faces and adding accessories to really give them a playful spin.

If you are more of a gore and guts fan, and non squeamish family members are ok with it, check out my Blood and Guts video. Along with the titled items, I also show you how to create quick and easy spider webs with your glue gun and patches of slime. 

Once you give the ghosts and the techniques in those two videos a try, you can have some fun making this awesomely creepy and lighted lich! He makes a great Halloween decoration, and looks impressive on your table for your next campaign.

Then of course I am getting graveyard themed items pulled together for future use, so if you want to have some fun making your own tombs, and headstones, I recommend checking out my Cadaver Tomb of the Storm Giant and the Headstones videos below.

If you end up giving any of these a try please feel free to share with me! I love seeing what others do with that spark of inspiration :) 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for a fun live stream reveal incorporating all these fun details at the end of the month, too!