Thursday, October 5, 2017

Been busy, very, very busy...

Summer came and went in a huge flash. How on earth it is already October is beyond me. Of course starting up a channel on YouTube definitely played a part in it and much to my surprise, things are going well for it along with new opportunities for my crochet business.

It all started with this dice bag...

In the D&D crafting community, there is a fellow who is pretty much the godfather of all things crafting for this genre, DM Scotty. He's been helpful and welcoming through my jumping into the ocean of YouTube and as a thanks, I sent him that dice bag. (It's what I do; I thank people.)

He then asks if it would be ok to show the bag in a video. I'm thinking a quick shout out deal at the end of one of his crafting videos. Nope, a full on video....

Needless to say that was a pleasant message to wake up to when he gave me a heads up about posting it. I was gobsmacked when I first watched it and yes, got teary eyed. He has some pretty good things to say and his support to see more women active in D&D crafting is definitely appreciated.

But there's more...

So yeah, while at a show at a local art studio, my husband shoots me a message with this link:

Weekend Watch: Gaming Terrain with Vee, The Crafting Muse

I do a major double take because, that's me...and my channel...

A big case of WHAAAAAAAA? hit me and the cool thing about discovering you've been featured on an online crafting magazine is that the other crafting vendors around me were super excited and supportive about it. It was definitely a "my people" moment.

Thanks to the video posted by Scotty, the writer of the article "found" me and decided to do a feature. Again, I am standing there barely processing it all and getting messages about it while I'm trying to read though it. It was crazy and something I will always remember.

I'm sure some are wondering way I flew under the radar with this and wasn't big about "hey like my channel." The biggest reason is that I really had no idea where I could, would, or should go with it when I first started and am taking it as it comes.

But now word is out, and yes that's me, The Crafting Muse on YouTube. Below is the intro for the channel...

The channel is growing and I'm learning more with each video I make. I have no idea where that ride will take me, but it's pretty awesome so far.

As for the crochet side of things, well, that's doing well, too. I am looking at doing a workshop deal once or twice a month at the aforementioned art studio, and maybe crochet classes once we see how the workshops go. Orders are definitely coming in and this is the first time I've ever had to have Christmas gift orders placed by a Nov 1st cutoff. Yes, it's getting busy for me.

If you are in the Hackettstown area you can stop by and check out Art-Stitution in town. There are lots of fun events and it's an awesome studio setup.

And if you are YouTube watcher or a crafter, feel free to check out the channel and subscribe.

Have a good one everyone!