Saturday, June 10, 2017

Spiral Staircase--The Mini Series

I am extremely fresh to the whole video making thing, unless you can count the many "look at what my kid did" kind that are a quick and easy post to your social media of choice. Regardless, I'm taking the plunge to show you how to make the spiral staircase I created for our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

I love this because it's modular, cool looking, and really, the figures can be placed all the way up and down so it is active terrain in that sense.

I've uploaded the videos to Youtube in a series of 4 "episodes" and again, so not a film aficionado, so it's a leetle rough in some spots, but it will hopefully get the job done so that you too can create these stairs. You can watch each segment and work along with them or watch them all one after the next. Really, whatever you decide to do should work.  Please reach out if you need clarification. I'm happy to help you!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Diamond Tiles

Our family got bit by the Dungeons and Dragons bug and to add the fun, my husband and I have been working on creating terrain and landscapes for our adventures. I most recently completed a temple and fountain room set from packing material used for a computer monitor. For the floors I tapped into my times spent in a variety of churches and chapels during a trip to Florence and did a diamond pattern floor.

This is a pic of the floor that I made and you can see it carried through the two rooms.

After sharing the end results with like minded crafters, I ended up making this instructional video for those who wanted more info on how to create them. It's a one shot deal so pardon the bumps and such. So, here it is, my first video ever...enjoy (and please be kind!) Make sure to keep scrolling to get the link to the free grid generator once you are done watching.

Now you know the how of it and to make it your own, you can add different distressing techniques and paint jobs for a one of a kind look.

To make your own custom grids and download them as PDFs visit: