Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Howling Good Time: Crochet Wolf Wrap

I love getting messages from friends, especially friends from way back. Especially friends from way back who call me "Ma" because I played her mom in a school rendition of The King and I. But anyways, back on track.

She sent me a message along with pictures of a wrap made with a hood that looked like a couple different animals asking if I could make one for her. Of course I said yes, and then she requested a wolf, a gray wolf to be exact, and I'm already loving the custom order even more!

I decided to amp it up, as I tend to do with my creations, and gave it a few more details in the body of the wrap for a more visual wow factor, and played around more with the hood so it had more of a muzzle form to it, too.

It is super soft and warm, and most of all, fun! Very happy with this one.

If you would like one as well, please contact me! They start at $150 and go up from there and it does not include the shipping fee either.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Spooktacular Projects!!!

While my hands are still busy with hook and yarn, many of these are larger items that are still in process or waiting in line. Once they start looking more like their intended form, I'll happily share those. I wanted to pass along a few videos I have up on my YouTube channel as they are perfect for this spooky fun of October and Halloween.

Many of these are made with items you can find right now in your discount and craft stores, and step by step tutorials will help you create these in your own home!

My first easy and also kid friendly one is the Cheesecloth Ghost! It's an old technique I learned back in Brownies but tons of fun to do with kiddos as they can give them some personality once they dry. I highly encourage painting on faces and adding accessories to really give them a playful spin.

If you are more of a gore and guts fan, and non squeamish family members are ok with it, check out my Blood and Guts video. Along with the titled items, I also show you how to create quick and easy spider webs with your glue gun and patches of slime. 

Once you give the ghosts and the techniques in those two videos a try, you can have some fun making this awesomely creepy and lighted lich! He makes a great Halloween decoration, and looks impressive on your table for your next campaign.

Then of course I am getting graveyard themed items pulled together for future use, so if you want to have some fun making your own tombs, and headstones, I recommend checking out my Cadaver Tomb of the Storm Giant and the Headstones videos below.

If you end up giving any of these a try please feel free to share with me! I love seeing what others do with that spark of inspiration :) 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for a fun live stream reveal incorporating all these fun details at the end of the month, too!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Been busy, very, very busy...

Summer came and went in a huge flash. How on earth it is already October is beyond me. Of course starting up a channel on YouTube definitely played a part in it and much to my surprise, things are going well for it along with new opportunities for my crochet business.

It all started with this dice bag...

In the D&D crafting community, there is a fellow who is pretty much the godfather of all things crafting for this genre, DM Scotty. He's been helpful and welcoming through my jumping into the ocean of YouTube and as a thanks, I sent him that dice bag. (It's what I do; I thank people.)

He then asks if it would be ok to show the bag in a video. I'm thinking a quick shout out deal at the end of one of his crafting videos. Nope, a full on video....

Needless to say that was a pleasant message to wake up to when he gave me a heads up about posting it. I was gobsmacked when I first watched it and yes, got teary eyed. He has some pretty good things to say and his support to see more women active in D&D crafting is definitely appreciated.

But there's more...

So yeah, while at a show at a local art studio, my husband shoots me a message with this link:

Weekend Watch: Gaming Terrain with Vee, The Crafting Muse

I do a major double take because, that's me...and my channel...

A big case of WHAAAAAAAA? hit me and the cool thing about discovering you've been featured on an online crafting magazine is that the other crafting vendors around me were super excited and supportive about it. It was definitely a "my people" moment.

Thanks to the video posted by Scotty, the writer of the article "found" me and decided to do a feature. Again, I am standing there barely processing it all and getting messages about it while I'm trying to read though it. It was crazy and something I will always remember.

I'm sure some are wondering way I flew under the radar with this and wasn't big about "hey like my channel." The biggest reason is that I really had no idea where I could, would, or should go with it when I first started and am taking it as it comes.

But now word is out, and yes that's me, The Crafting Muse on YouTube. Below is the intro for the channel...

The channel is growing and I'm learning more with each video I make. I have no idea where that ride will take me, but it's pretty awesome so far.

As for the crochet side of things, well, that's doing well, too. I am looking at doing a workshop deal once or twice a month at the aforementioned art studio, and maybe crochet classes once we see how the workshops go. Orders are definitely coming in and this is the first time I've ever had to have Christmas gift orders placed by a Nov 1st cutoff. Yes, it's getting busy for me.

If you are in the Hackettstown area you can stop by and check out Art-Stitution in town. There are lots of fun events and it's an awesome studio setup.

And if you are YouTube watcher or a crafter, feel free to check out the channel and subscribe.

Have a good one everyone!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Spiral Staircase--The Mini Series

I am extremely fresh to the whole video making thing, unless you can count the many "look at what my kid did" kind that are a quick and easy post to your social media of choice. Regardless, I'm taking the plunge to show you how to make the spiral staircase I created for our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

I love this because it's modular, cool looking, and really, the figures can be placed all the way up and down so it is active terrain in that sense.

I've uploaded the videos to Youtube in a series of 4 "episodes" and again, so not a film aficionado, so it's a leetle rough in some spots, but it will hopefully get the job done so that you too can create these stairs. You can watch each segment and work along with them or watch them all one after the next. Really, whatever you decide to do should work.  Please reach out if you need clarification. I'm happy to help you!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Diamond Tiles

Our family got bit by the Dungeons and Dragons bug and to add the fun, my husband and I have been working on creating terrain and landscapes for our adventures. I most recently completed a temple and fountain room set from packing material used for a computer monitor. For the floors I tapped into my times spent in a variety of churches and chapels during a trip to Florence and did a diamond pattern floor.

This is a pic of the floor that I made and you can see it carried through the two rooms.

After sharing the end results with like minded crafters, I ended up making this instructional video for those who wanted more info on how to create them. It's a one shot deal so pardon the bumps and such. So, here it is, my first video ever...enjoy (and please be kind!) Make sure to keep scrolling to get the link to the free grid generator once you are done watching.

Now you know the how of it and to make it your own, you can add different distressing techniques and paint jobs for a one of a kind look.

To make your own custom grids and download them as PDFs visit: