Sunday, December 18, 2016

An Elephant Never Forgets...

...nor does a family who lucked out with a phenomenal teacher. My son's teacher will be leaving us after this week since she is due with a baby very soon. Usually my son doesn't ask me to make much for him, so when he asked if I could make something for her new baby, I knew it was a given that she would be getting a lovey.

I decided to go with an elephant because of the whole "never forgets" trait and phrase. She's been so wonderful and supportive of my guy, and encourages his creativity and intelligence. He's become very fond of her and I know he will miss her once she is on maternity leave.

I too grew fond of her through our early interactions this year, and as time went on, even more so. I found myself reminded of the time I spent in my last few months of teaching as she is due to deliver in the same month as I delivered my son. I recall how it felt saying goodbye to students before the holidays, and because of that, I wanted to be sure she got something to remember us while she enjoys life away from school with her new baby.

Here is the sweet little elephant lovey I designed for her. I went with a soft gray and a pretty multi tone mix of purples. An oversize bow plays up the girly element, and the ears got an extra touch of purple edging. I also went for a fun pentagon shape to give it a different flare and made it so it could be draped across baby as a little lapghan.

Overall, both my son and I are pleased with how she came out and are excited to give her to his teacher. His teacher will always be one we will remember, that is for sure.