Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Old Kitchen Chairs, New Look- DIY Reupholstering

We have a set of kitchen chairs that certainly have seen much, much, much better days. After two boys and lots of parties, these chairs are now a bit worse for wear and well stained. The thing is, they are still in good working condition outside of their well used look. Believe it or not, all it took for this fresh new look is a $10 table cloth. Reupholstering sounds like a scary task, but for a simple project like this, you really only need to know how to do a few steps for quick results.

Quite honestly, I am not going to reinvent the wheel here. For a go-to DIY, check out this Wiki article. It has pictures and written directions that cover every thing your are going to need to do. The only step I don't bother with is removing the old fabric. This is for two reasons. First, it means that it will still be there just in case the new fabric needs to be removed. Secondly, the padding won't shift around on you, making it much easier for those who are first going about changing out fabric on a seat.

Let me tell you, it is totally worth doing if you are on a budget but need/want a new look for your dinning zone. I went with a durable table cloth rather than buying fabric. It's often so much cheaper than buying fabric from a bolt and the fabric I find is thicker and holds up more because it's made to be exposed to stains and food. As you can see in this pic, stains happen, and even after treating, they have a bad habit of coming back after a while with some new friends. I also wanted to go brighter and more cheerful that the original pattern. That's the great can do this as often as you'd like and change out your other decor!

So grab your scissors, pliers, staple gun, lots of staples for the staple gun, a screw driver, and your fabric of choice to get going. Follow the directions...and then you go from gross old seat, to fun and playful seat!

Side by side. What a difference!!!!

Pretty chair, happy momma :)