Sunday, January 17, 2016

Faith In Humanity Restored

It is so hard to not grow jaded and skeptical of the goodness out there in the world. With all the negative news coverage and media articles, you can't help but wonder what is happening to our world. Then something unexpected happens. Something that causes you to pause and realize that it's a matter of shifting perspective and making an effort to look for the good instead of fixating on the negative.

For those who may not know, I work with a volunteer based, local animal rescue in my community. At first, I happily brought baked goods for the monthly bake sales. Then when I got more time in the mornings, I went in to clean out enclosures and play with the kitties at one of their adoption locations. That lead to my taking over as a volunteer coordinator, where I basically organize the schedule, recruit new volunteers, and make sure my volunteers have the needed supplies to care for our cats up for adoption. Oh, and I still go in to scoop the litter and clean up ;)

In and effort to jazz up our enclosures and bring in some more cost effective supplies, I stumbled upon some truly adorable paw shaped litter mats from a company called Two Paws. Initially, we had sisal based ones in front of our litter boxes, but they got pretty worn and shoddy looking after a few washes. Plus, we kept having to replace them and needed a surplus in our supplies since cleaning them wasn't exactly a wash and go scenario. When I saw these bright and cheerful paw mats, I knew they were going to work.

What I didn't expect was how well they would be received! Not only were the volunteers happy to have something much easier to clean and easy on the eyes, but people were more drawn to the enclosures, which means our cats were getting more viewing. Needless to say, I was super pleased so I took a moment to thank the company for a great product.

Then another unexpected turn occurred. The owners of the company read the note and actually reached out to me. They wanted to try and help out my little local rescue, even though they were a couple states away. After a couple emails back and forth, they are providing our group with a helpful donation and my heart is so touched by it all. They didn't need to do anything beyond saying "Thanks, glad you like our product." Instead, they asked what they can do to help...they were actively responding and figuring out what would work on their end. Once I heard back about what they were going to do, I was speechless. Above and beyond certainly comes to mind and I now have a pet based company I have no hesitations in recommending. So, if you have a moment and a Facebook account, please visit them and like their page at and then visit their website after you've done so. Two Meows really is one of those companies who restores your faith in humanity. It's not just about the sale but about the story and the people behind it. Thank you again to a wonderful group and to a much appreciated, and entirely unexpected donation! The Pet Adoption League of Hackettstown will benefit from your kindness and consideration for sure!

*If you would like to help out our little group, there are a few ways to do so. You can donate through paypal by using this click here to donate option. Or you can visit and like our Facebook page at The Pet Adoption League of Hackettstown. Finally, if you are an Amazon shopper, you can use the Amazon Smile option and a portion of your purchases will be passed along to the group. To check that out click here for more information and scroll down to the Amazon Smile icon on the main page of .