Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today, many families find themselves either traveling to, or preparing for the visit of friends and family. Tables are loaded with amazing dishes, whose fragrances waft through the home. Children are eagerly licking their lips in anticipation for that taste of pumpkin pie loaded with whip cream, or the tasty cookies their aunt brought to the dessert table. Adults are enjoying the exchange of memories and laughter, with a nice little cocktail or chilled beer in hand. Dogs are gazing with hope at the nearest plate bearer, almost willing the plate to tip just enough to spill a tasty treat, and cats are huffing and glaring at the newest visitor speaking in baby talk to them, or finding a warm quiet spot to rest.

We are having a quiet, quality day today, spent with each other and enjoying the little things that fill our lives. I am so grateful for the life  my husband and I built together. Our two children, with their own unique personalities, give us reason to laugh and smile daily. Their innocence and personal drives amaze me and their unconditional love for us and the people in their own little worlds reminds me to be thankful for those we've brought into our own lives.

I wish you, reader, a day where you find a moment or two to reflect and realize the good things in your own life. If you have to work today, thank you. If you are home cooking, thank you. If you drove two hours just to be there, thank you. If you are reading this, thank you.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Vanessa M.