Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Disapproving Cat

Does not approve...

We rescued this "little" lady in our neighborhood and she's a riot of cat. She will let you know with a full throttle lecture when she isn't happy, and she gets this look on her face of pure disapproval. We often will joke about this personality quirk of hers with the saying "Disapproving Cat does not approve." A friend of mine even had a good laugh over it after she commented on the fact that she wasn't exactly a grumpy looking cat but there was something about her

Don't be fooled though. She's actually very sweet and cuddly. Loves her belly rubs and curling up with the boys on a blanket. She's also known to sneak into the shower to steal a few sips of water, even with a freshly filled water bowl around the corner.

But hey, with an expression like that, you do have to have a little fun with it now and then!