Wednesday, July 1, 2015

S'mores Pudding Made Dairy Free!

Pudding...yummy rich, sweet and delicious...pudding. You can bet that was another recipe to work on for the summer. While ice cream is great, sometimes you don't really want that full throttle frozen treat but still something cold and creamy. Now, being dairy intolerant, it's not so easy to get a good pudding, especially one with those fantastic homemade aspects to it. 

Once again, I broke out my go to canned coconut milks and clear gelatin and decided that my inherited jam jars were a must for means of presentation. Surprisingly the first round of experimenting worked. I loved everything about the way this turned out and I went with more of a dark chocolate flavor. However, there is an adjustment option in the recipe should you want more of a classic milk chocolate flavor to yours. 

So here you go! Get ready to feel like a kid again with this great combination of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow, but on the cooler side ;) 

1 sleeve crushed graham crackers
1 can Golden Star full fat coconut milk
1 can Thai Kitchen Lite coconut milk
2 packets Knox clear gelatin
1/8-1/4 cup Hershey's coco powder
3/4 cup powder sugar (to be divided later in recipe)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

You will also need two medium glass bowls (or other microwave safe bowls), a hand mixer, a sifter, whisk, and a ladle. And don't forget 10 small canning jars or similar sized containers.


1. Evenly divide the Lite coconut milk between the two bowls. Then sprinkle one packet of gelatin over the milk in one bowl and allow it to bloom. Give it about 5-10 minutes to be sure as much liquid as possible is absorbed. (Don't just dump the packet into the milk. It will seize up and be an obnoxious glob and totally worthless. Best to be careful and slow if you are new to blooming gelatin)

2. While gelatin blooms, take the crushed graham crackers and sprinkle into each jar filling a little less than 1/3 way up.

3. Once gelatin blooms in first bowl, carefully move to the microwave and slowly heat it up at 15 sec increments until gelatin starts to melt and liquid becomes warm. You don't want it absolutely boiling hot. Warm is key in order to melt it but not destroy the gelatin. You know the gelatin is ready when the liquid feels smooth and not grainy to the touch. You may find you'll have to remove a couple of stray gelatin clumps, esp if you are new to this method.

4. To the first bowl add in the vanilla and 1/4 cup of sifted powder sugar to the mix. Use the whisk to combine.  Then add in half the can of the Golden Star coconut milk and use the hand mixer to blend together until nice and smooth.

5. Ladle the vanilla mixture into the containers with the graham crackers, filling halfway, and then move them into the refrigerator to get them to start setting up.

6. Start the blooming process for the  next bowl of milk. This should also give you enough time for the vanilla mixture to be firm enough to use for the next steps.

7. Repeat the directions for 3 with the second bowl of milk.
8. When milk is ready add in a sifted 1/4 cup of the Hershey powder for a more dark chocolate flavor or just 1/8 cup for a more milk chocolate flavor along with 1/2 cup sifted powder sugar. Again, whisk together until well combined, then add in the remaining half of the Golden Star coconut milk. Use the hand mixer to blend evenly together.

9. Take jars out of fridge and sprinkle more graham cracker crumbs on top of the set vanilla mixture. Then fill jars to the top with the chocolate mixture. Place jars back into fridge and allow to set completely before serving.


To serve you can add a big marshmallow, or sprinkle mini ones onto the top for fun, or a bit of whipped cream for those who can have dairy, or a non dairy whipped cream like product to keep this dairy free. (I like to use my own whipped coconut milk version which you can find by going here and scrolling down to the bottom for that recipe.)