Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dairy and Egg Free Waffles- A Family Hit That Isn't Just for Breakfast!

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The other night I asked those classic words most moms do when they've hit a cooking dinner wall, "What sounds good to you for dinner?" My mistake since my oldest excitedly asked for waffles. Granted, my husband got me an awesome waffle maker and we've enjoyed trying out new recipes, I had a hard time finding one where I could truly enjoy the end results because all those recipes called for eggs, which really are not a great food item for me. Really, they are on my "do not eat if you want to feel comfortable to do daily things" list.

This evening proved a little problematic in the fact that not only did I really not want to make a dinner that didn't sit well for me, but we were out of eggs, so any of my recipes for our waffle maker were pretty much no goes.

Helloooooo internet. After reading a few other recipes that were actually egg free, but very DAIRY friendly, I decided to try my hand at making my own recipe that was both dairy AND egg free.

I mixed up the recipe and with trepidation started spooning it into the waffler maker. The end result, well, the best waffle I've enjoyed in a very long time and dinner where everyone cleaned their plate down to the last crumb. Hello fluffly. crispy, and yummy diner worthy waffles. I can honestly say these were the best I've ever made. (And actually made the very next morning by vehement demand.)

So, if you are also a no egg, no dairy type, give these a whirl! I haven't tried these out with a more gluten friendly flour, but you can certainly try.

Without further ado, here is the recipe :)

Dairy Free and Eggless Waffles

·                            2 cups flour
·                            4 tsp baking powder
·                            2 tsp sugar
·                            1 can full fat coconut milk at room temp
·                            3/4 cup water, though you may need to add more if the coconut milk is thick 
·                            6 tbsp melted coconut oil
·                            1 tsp vanilla
1.               In a small bowl whisk together all dry ingredients
2.               In medium bowl mix together all wet ingredients until well blended
3.               Pour the dry ingredients on top of the wet and fold into each other. Do not over mix           
          since batter will naturally be lumpy.
4.               Give the batter about 5 minutes to set and expand. See pick below for target consistency.
5.       When waffle maker is ready, spoon batter on and spread a little out before closing. Follow directions       according to your making from this point. 

P.S. The waffle in the first shot uses a non dairy butter substitute