Saturday, April 4, 2015

Willing it to Be Spring! Floral Arrangement Ideas for the Front Door and Then Some

This morning I quickly popped out to drop off the items for the bake sale with The Pet Adoption League. I really enjoy helping the group out by baking up some fun seasonal treats, and since everyone was in a spirited, spring mood with the weather, I decided to go check out Michael's and see if there were any good deals on their seasonal stuff.

Boy was I in luck! Went in and it was a great 50% off sale for their silk flowers. I immediately made mental notes of what I wanted and began my search. I so rarely get to wander this store without the kiddos that this trip felt almost rejuvenating and refreshing. I found some beautiful violets in a mix of purple and yellow, then some celery green alstroemeria, and creamy tulips, and a a pretty lavender tone feathery astilbe. An antique looking provincial mail pocket, some wired toffee colored ribbon, and the creation was good to go.
To create it, I did a sort of tiered approach to the arrangement to bring the flowers together, rather than do a complete mix. It allows the eye to travel up and down to get the full aesthetic of the arrangement. A nice tight fitting bit of Styrofoam inside keeps the arrangement light and snug. As soon as Easter is over, my tired old wreath is coming down and this going to take its place next to the front door.

Along with the new main door arrangement, I had these two empty containers sitting on a plant stand from my grandparents' house. I wanted to brighten up our door further by putting in some greenery arrangements. For a milky white container, I found a lovely "rubber" plant with petite cream and yellow and mossy green leaves. Instead of just playing the shove it in and fluff approach, I actually cut the plant into sections and then put the springs in one by one into the Styrofoam. It helped fit the scale of the container better and keep it from looking far too leggy. (I actually used a few leftover fronds in the main door arrangement to fill out the bottom).

Finally, I found another great fern plant that I knew would be perfect for a bright turquoise clay pot. This was the easiest one since I just needed to fit in some styrofoam and then shove the center stick into it. A little bit of fluff and bend here and there, and it created a beautiful and natural looking fern.

Now my front door looks inviting and ready for the warmer weather. And heck, now I won't need to worry about a couple of plants during the hot summer!