Friday, April 24, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Goody Bags Idea

I figured I would take some time out of my busy week to share one of the ideas we're doing for our youngest's big TMNT bday party extravaganza! (Translation= two hours with 3-4 yr olds and their respective family members.)  Our little dude is obsessed. Not even kidding, there is something turtle related on this kid's body at most times, even if it's just panties, I mean underwear.

I decided to come up with a goody bag that could actually be something of use, especially after seeing how expensive some simple green bags would be. I totally scored with reusable, lunch bag size, green totes on Amazon. It was a great deal of 25 for about $16 with free Prime shipping. Then off to Walmart to pick up some felt, clear fabric glue and some googly eyes. Then, I also found great multicolor curling ribbon with all the turtle's colors in it, and great printable TMNT gift tags to round off the whole look. To get the exact supplies I got off Amazon, just scroll down to the bottom of this for links.

How did I do it? Simple

From you four colors of felt (blue, purple, orange and red) cut out strips that are about 2" wide and run the width of the piece of felt. You can even stack the felt to cut more at once. Once you get your narrow rectangular strips cut, fold over the length of felt to the corners at the end and nip them off to create one side of the mask. Then about 1" into the other side of the mask, fold the edges together and nick out a narrow triangle from the edge but not cutting to high to the fold line. Then cut out a triangle angled to the fold line. This creates the ties to the mask. Then just nip the corners on that side of the mask to look like the other side. The diagram better shows what I mean...

Using clear fabric glue, stick the masks onto the green tote. Then glue on two big googly eyes onto the masks and allow everything to dry. Easy as can be.

For the name tags you can do an image search on Google and then just print out what works for you and attach to one of the handles with the fun multi-color ribbon. I used Picasa as a means of printing since I could select a certain size and get enough repeats that way. A hole puncher makes it easy to create a slot for the ribbon and then I just curled it with some scissors.

Here are some links to help out those strapped for time:

Green Totes

Multi Color Ribbon