Monday, April 6, 2015

Custom Front Door Wreath

I'm all about making the front door a welcoming spot for when company stops by, or when friends pop in for a visit. Something like a wreath can make a plain front door suddenly more interesting and pleasing for those who find themselves standing in front of it.   

So a little background history about me. Through college, I actually worked in a flower shop helping make arrangements and manage the shop itself. While I already had worked with silk flowers just doing things around the home with my mom, this pretty much gave me a full rundown of the various types of floral arrangements and styles out there. 

When it came time to start up my little business, I purposely kept the word "Handcrafted" as part of the name instead of "Crocheted." I knew that opportunities may come about where a crochet project may not be the order of the day, and this is a case in point. 

As you saw in the previous post, I had a chance to freshen up my front porch with some new silk flowers. After a friend saw the picture I shared on FB, she asked if I might be able to make a wreath for her front door. I was more than happy to fulfill that request and enjoyed the process of finding out what she had in mind and talk about flowers and colors. A girl after my own heart, she is a big hydrangea fan, so those automatically became a must. Working with the complimenting colors of yellow, peach, cream and a rich purple, I managed to pull together a great mix of English garden style flowers. Creamy yellow roses, with peachy centers, lovely sprigs of dark lavender, and accents of small yellow and white blossoms came together for this visually dense and cheerful wreath. I love playing around with varied textures and colors to keep the eye dancing and taking in every last detail. It's an elegant blend of spring and summer colors and I can't wait to see it on its new owner's door.