Thursday, March 5, 2015

DIY Pretty Mason Jar Pour Spout Salt Dispenser with Chalkboard Label

Once again, I had a total AHA! moment when bopping around the interwebs. This lovely salt dispenser was inspired by two different ideas I've noticed floating around lately. One is the great chalkboard labels that are getting put on cute containers for the bathroom or kitchen, and the other is a life hack concept using an emptied salt container. Keep reading to find out how you too can make this! (And it's ridiculously easy when you have all the right tools.)

Supplies for the Jar

The first thing you will need is a Mason jar with a canning lid, you know, the kind where it's an outer ring with a separate lid that fits into it. You'll also need the following for this project: a sharp kitchen knife, a sharp pair of scissors, a pencil, container of salt with a pour spout.

How to Make the Pour Spout Lid

1.Clean the jar and ring well so they will be ready for food storage. Next, take the salt (or item of choice) and empty it from its original packaging. 

2. Using the sharp knife slice off the top section of the salt container with the pour spout about a half inch below the very top of the container. (see picture for reference). It's easier to remove it this way than to try and cut the top out while still attached, especially with the cylindrical shape. 
3. Using the insert lid section from the Mason jar, position it over the top of the cardboard pour spout and trace with the pencil. With your scissors, carefully cut out the traced portion. You now have your new lid. Save the old one for later use if your re-purpose the jar later on. 

4. Place new lid in the jar ring with the pour spout facing out. 

5. Fill up the jar with the salt, if you didn't already, and then put the assembled lid on top. TA-DAH! A pour spout lid for you. 

How to Make Chalkboard Labels for Your Containers

You will need- Label template (there is a link to the one I use further down), chalkboard contact paper (link to purchase at the end of instructions), scissors, tape, and white paint pen (or White Out pen like I used), white printer paper and functioning printer.

1. Print out the label onto to regular printing paper to create your template. Then, cut out a section of contact paper that will completely cover the label you just printed

2. Carefully, tape the contact paper over the print out on the white paper with the grid side up making sure to run a thin section of tape over the edge to make sure it will feed smoothly into your printer. (I did three sides around and it worked well). Now, place your paper back into the feed tray of your printer making sure to put it in the right orientation for the printer to print out exactly the same way it initially did for the label on the white paper. Reprint the label again, only this time it will print onto the grid side of the contact paper.

3. Using your scissors, carefully cut out the shape of the label. Yes, you will have a plain white paper cutout as well. You can just toss that.
back of the cutout label
front of cutout of label

4. Remove grid backing from the contact paper and carefully place label onto the jar where you'd like it to be. Using paint pen, write the name of the item stored in the jar in whatever style you'd like. I also cleaned up the lid a little more by making sure to remove the rest of the sticker from the original packaging.

There ya go! You now have a really pretty and functional dispenser for your kitchen. I'm already creating other jars to store similar pantry goods. I may even try to find a big jar so I can do something similar for my Epsom salts sitting next to my tub. 

To get the template printout just go here and then select Ctrl+P on your computer for it to print.

To order the chalkboard contact paper go to this link on Amazon. If you are Prime member you'll also get free 2 day shipping.

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