Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A husband walks into a bedroom and says to his wife, "There's a bear on our deck...." Wife says, "WHAT?!

And no, this isn't a joke. See that dark blob pinning down the middle of our pool fence? That would be the neighborhood black bear making a "quick" escape from our deck. I suppose he saw the ice covered pool as the best means of to get back off the deck on that cold Saturday evening in March. 

I'll set the scene. It was like any other low key Saturday night. The kids were long gone to bed, and I just finished my nightly bedtime routine, crawled into bed, and cracked open a new book when I heard a thunk downstairs and thought maybe my husband was the culprit of said thunk. I did the obligatory meerkat pose as I listened for further sounds, with book in one hand, and boolmark in the other (should I need to get up). It was then I heard my husband dash upstairs, and as he came into our room he informed me the bear was on our deck. Forget the book and bookmark, those got flung into the covers as I quickly grabbed my cell phone. 

We raced back downstairs and gazed with utter befuddlement at this large, black figure loping across our deck and making easy work of bending our pool's fence to get himself back onto the ground. What I thought was my husband tripping or dropping something turned out to be the bear scaling the 8ft section on our deck to get up and over and to the remnants of a bird feeder we kept up during the winter. When my husband heard the thunk, he looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a decent sized something on the deck. A quick flick of the deck lights revealed....Yogi...the local garbage can crushing, droppings in our yard leaving, ain't got a care in the world, 450 lbs+ black bear. 

In his defense, I suppose, he is something of a fixture around here. While a nuisance to clean up after when he gets into our neighbor's garbage, again, and with the lovely presents of scat he leaves in our yard during the summer, we knew he was here. We just didn't expect him so late at night and at such an effort to get onto our deck. We were wrong...needless to say. Thankfully, it was just the pool that got the brunt of his escape, but now we are on bear prevention and protection mode. Fun stuff. As a result, I've gone around taking pictures to document not only for insurance purposes, but also as proof for our big bear story.Enjoy! 

(Oh and for anyone who wants to know what you can do about something like this...not much. We get to spray the area with ammonia to deter him, and just make sure to be loud and obnoxious if he is back around the house again as a means to drive him away from the property....)

The Escape Artist's Trail

Front Paw Next to My Size 8 Boot
Same Boot but Back Paws of Bear. (Notice how he sinks into the snow but I don't.) 

Our Pool, the True Victim of this Heinous Crime
At Least Insurance will Cover Damages....