Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow Madness!

We seem to keep getting snow days and delayed openings the past few weeks. The novelty is worn off at this point and I know that I, as well as a few other moms and dads, am scrambling for ideas to keep the kids occupied. Sorry, this post doesn't have any suggestions, but I am sharing a little ditty I came up with using Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence." Give it a read and have a laugh...and maybe that glass of something once the kiddos are finally asleep ;)

Hello Madness, my old friend.
I've come to rant with you again.
Because the kids are driving me crazy.

Too many snow days making weeks hazy.
And fun ideas are all dried up from my head
Snow day dread.
Oh how I long...for silence.

But the boys they crow and rave
With the LEGO cars they made
Stair steps turned into a dodgy game
One wrong move and I will become lame
At the moment, I am stuck here in a maze
No more games.
Oh how I long...for silence.

The restless nights are getting old. 
One out of bed to watch for snow.
The other one is sneaking out to see
If just by chance I finally fell asleep.
And wake up far too early to the snow day call
I miss the fall...
And the sound of silence.

I know the sun will shine again
And the kids can play with friends.
But for now the cold is making it
Far too easy for them to get sick
And the doctor's calling me by my first name
It's such a shame.
I need some wine and silence.