Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oh, you know, just making stuff....

It's rare that I am working on just one thing, so I thought I would share two of my latest completed projects.

If you read the first post, you know that I toyed around with a cloche concept but geared it more for grown women with some fun results. From that creative streak came a great custom order. Perhaps the best thing about being able to customize the things I make is creating something for someone with specific needs along with wants. In this case, it was a matter of hat size and coming up with a color combination that would work with three different color options of coats.

I decided to go with a classic navy blue since it's an awesome neutral and then popped some color in with a ruby red edge on a cream center blooming rose. And, since I used up what was left of my pearl accents, I went out and got some new ones. Since I now have a decent stash, I had fun adding in a few more pearl drops to the mossy green leaves.

And the best part? I just heard back from a very satisfied customer! Here I am writing this post and in comes this wonderful message from the woman who placed the order for this hat. 

"Omg!!! Just tried my hat on and LOVE it! Fit is perfect "

Yep, I am totally happy with that, and thrilled that it worked so well for her. Heck, being a person with a larger head, I totally get the whole struggle in finding a hat that actually fits and looks good. Granted, she has the totally opposite issue,  but when you've been there, it makes you happy to be able to help someone out who is there.

Now, onto the next project. It's almost done, the thing is I just am not sure what to turn it into. What first started as a personal challenge for myself, turned into a pretty successful prototype of a large scroll work heart. Again, bopping around Pinterest I found a beautiful and free cross stitch heart pattern. I have been toying with the idea of turning a pattern from cross stitch into a crochet motif but just never really saw one that I liked. Obviously, that changed right quick when I saw the heart design.

The thing with converting over to crochet is that you need to work in a method you see often in Russian crochet patterns. You basically work consistently from right to left and snip off your yarn at the end of each row, casting on for a new one back at the right hand side. Then what I did was keep it to a single crochet stitch to replace the cross stitch and build the cream background. So, yes, you go through more yarn, and have LOTS of ends to weave in, but it ends up being a really cool concept in the long run. I definitely want to try this again, but may try using a much smaller hook and yarn...this beauty is now a good 2ft by 2ft in size....ooops.

As for what is next, I definitely want to experiment some more and get new patterns made up for the shop. Anything goes at this moment!

(Oh yeah, I also have another post in the works about the cake I am making for my son's boy scout pack and their Blue and Gold Banquet, so come back for that one, too :D )