Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Helping Hands for Valentine's Day: A Fun Valentine for School Celebrations

Just thought I would take a quick break from the Mad Scientist posts to share this cute little Valentine we're doing for both of the boys for their classroom celebrations.

I was inspired to do this sweet hand print Valentine after looking at the looming aisle full of ready to go, but kinda cheaply made, cards and treats. This actually turned out to be a very cost effective, and still cool, way for the kids to give to their friends. I probably spent a total of $15 when you factor in the cost of the pencils, construction paper, and labels. 

First, order the stacking pencils from Amazon. They had a great deal and free shipping for Prime members. They come in a count of 50, so we were set not only for kid #1, but kid#2's class count.

Next, get a piece of scrap cardboard and trace the little Valentine giver's hand. Cut out the hand print and now you have a nice, non-wiggly template to trace out your Valentines.

Get some red construction paper and fold it length wise. You should be able to trace two hand prints per page depending on how old your child is. You want to make sure to line up the pointer and the thumb along the folded edge of the paper.

Cut out your hand prints and you have a nice hand print card. 

Place the pencil in the fold between the pointer and thumb and just stick on a piece of scotch tape to keep them together.

Print out address labels according to instructions and use a phrase of your choice. We went with "I got to hand it to you. You're one cool Valentine." with some heart icons from Clip Art. 

Put the labels on the outside of the card and then your child can sign the interior and write any special message they'd like to include. 

That's it! I slipped them into paper bags in stacks to make it easier to take to school. I know this style pencil is a big hit since it means no need to get up and sharpen your pencil all the time.