Thursday, February 5, 2015

Going a Little Mad!Science Experiments and Activities the Whole Family Will Love: Part 3- Putting the "Part" into the Party

In part 2 of this series, I shared how I got the house ready. This entry is going to give you some ideas on how to get your guests, and yourself, ready for the party. Sure, you could easily just bypass this particular section, but I found that our guests enjoyed those extra touches we put into our own appearance and wardrobe. Plus, kids look ridiculously cute dressed up as little scientist... I am a bit partial of course.

Before our guests even got here, I made the effort to help them feel the part by doing just a few things...

The first task was to create clip boards. This was a remarkably easy project and the kids had a more "official" scientist look to them when they carried them around.
All that you need for these are some bits of cardboard, binder clamps, and a printout of your experiment plans. I ended up using the flaps of cardboard boxes and then just clipped the lists to those using the binder clips. For the boxes that had printed lettering or flaws, I just pasted some brown construction paper onto them to give them a smoother appearance. These also came in handy as the ticket holders for our raffle prizes. Just make sure to write the name of your guest at the top of the clipboard.

Along with the clipboards, I made up ID tags for each of our guests. The idea is floating all over Pinterest and it wasn't too hard to recreate. These were all made just using Word on my computer, printing them out on heavier card stock, and buying some lanyards off Amazon. I first found a generic bar code symbol online and saved it as a jpg. Then to make the tags, I created a name for our house that has a science-y feel to it, in this case our last name with "Institute of Research" added on to it. That got put on the document first and then I set a border around it. After that, I typed in the name of the child with a letter coordinating last name of a famous scientist, for example, "Dr. Ryan Richter." Then I found a really great atom icon in Clip Art and put that as the emblem of the ID tag. And finally I inserted the picture of the bar code under all of it. You will need to play around with picture sizes to get it to all line up properly. Once you do, get the whole document set as a double column and then you just copy and paste the layout a few times to create your template. If this just went right over your head, contact me and I can always share the save document of my template with you ;) 

Not to be forgotten, I also made up a tag for the parents who decided to stay for the party. It is only fair, after all, that our visitors should have a way to get involved with the fun!

For my own sanity, I organized all of these elements into a box near the front door so that guests could receive their IDs and clipboards as they arrived. And it also made it easy to make sure everyone took of coats and boots as they came into the house. 

There were other fun ways to make the kiddos feel like VIP scientist. Pretty much anything that could get labeled did, and the title of "Dr." got tagged onto all things possible. 

Here are the goody bags all lined up and waiting for the soon to be arriving crew.

Even experiment props were officially labeled.

 And if you notice in the picture below, we made sure to have some mega cool, hipster scientist glasses for our visitors to wear if they wanted. This is also our fun little raffle zone which I'll explain in the next post of activities we did.

Finally, even my husband and I got into character. Here he is in the middle of our kitchen friendly, experiments symposium. I managed to find some glasses for us to wear as well, and he went totally classic with a plain white button down and narrow black tie.
I went with a blend of "Big Bang" beauties with some knee socks ala Amy Farrah Fowler, hipster glasses like Bernadette, and a little sass courtesy of Penny. 

Have fun with this and get into character as much as you can! It does make a difference and it makes it great experience for the kids.