Friday, February 13, 2015

Eye Catching Cloche Hat for Ladies

I have many friends who will tag or share crochet posts onto my FB wall. Needless to say, I'm usually familiar with the posts and have seen them before. I noticed though that there was one particular one that kept getting cycled back to me. It's of adorable little hats for girls in pretty pastel colors and lots of flowery detail. There is no denying that they are gorgeously designed and have amazing stitch work, something I enjoy seeing.

After another round of seeing these hats in a tagged post, someone in the comments mentioned how they wish that women could have hats that were like that concept, but more appropriate for women who don't want to run around looking like they are wearing a child's hat. Now that, caught my attention.

So, I sat down and created a more mature spin on the variety of floral cloches. As pretty as pastels are for little girls, most women tend to want the more classic neutrals with pops of colors. To fulfill that, I went with a beautifully soft  heather gray as the main color and then created a dual tone blooming rose with a soft pink and rich ruby red. Finally, some pearls added into a mossy green collection of leaves and vines finished off the look.
The result ends up being a super feminine, and more comfortably age appropriate cloche for women who want the extra touches without feeling like they took something out of a little girl's closet. I do intend to play around with this more and work with more color combinations. 

And, once I feel more established with the styling of this particular design, I do intend to make sure a pattern follows its new incarnations.

For now, this one may just be adopted by me and I can wander around doing my errands feeling like one of the ladies from Downton Abbey...or something of that effect.