Monday, February 9, 2015

Crochet Collarette or Scarflette Neck Warmer with a nod to the Victorian and Steam Punk Look.

I've made a few of these collarettes, as I like to call them, or scarflettes here and there, but it was always freehand and without a pattern, or keeping notes for one. Finally, I decided it was time to write a pattern for one of them since I'm getting more and more requests for patterns to my designs, especially the more unique and hard to find ones like these.

I'm a huge sucker for anything that is lacy and delicate. The Victorian era is always a go to inspiration for many of my designs, so it's not surprising that I went back to the lace detail and feminine touches for this particular design. I'm also one of those creatures who run cold, and while a scarf most certainly will keep me warm, the whole bulky and needing to re-wrap it around my neck gets old. It was because of this that I created something that was visually pleasing, and at the same time, comfortable and functional. 

They are so great for simple V-neck shirts and sweaters, or even scoop and boat neck styles. When I'm out running errands, they certainly get noticed and people will ask me about them.

The first one I ever created was with a great golden mustard color. I really didn't have any set plans for how it should look exactly, and I just played around with the yarn and stitches until I came up with a simple, yet elegant prototype. I also love the color because it now makes a fantastic fall accessory for those days where it's just chilly enough to need something more than long sleeved shirt. 

I like the way the length skims along the shoulders and collar bones so that it really does help keep you a bit warmer, without overwhelming your outfit. Since it was the very first one for me to make, it automatically became "mine!" and, yes, I am using the seagull voice from Finding Nemo for that one. 

Once I had a general idea of what to do with the shape and styling, I made a second one, but with a safe, neutral color of ivory. I figured if I intended to list this item, I would have a better result with colors that work with more than just a few combinations. I used my prototype to guide me for this version and tweak a few things here and there. In the end I was loving the result and was more than happy to get it up on my Etsy shop.

The profile of it alone is was so much fun. It gave anyone who wore it a nice elegant line and also became a fun shown stopper for the craft fairs I did that fall. This particular design did finally sell to someone, who later let it slip that she bought it just so she could try recreate it. Not exactly what you want to hear, because you hope that your items are going to someone to enjoy and put to use. But it did get me thinking that it may not be a bad idea to write a pattern next time I created one. 

So here it is, another winter, and my yellow one is now sitting in my Fall bin because it just feels too bright for this time of year. Instead, I started with an icy blue yarn for the newest design. Again, I just sort of went with the flow of things, but made a point to short hand what I did to be able to create the pattern. When I finished it, I was even more pleased because this particular one had a few more finishing details that made it better than the first couple. I've already been wearing the blue and this pink one will more than likely become my early Spring accessory for those cooler days. 

I also now have a pattern that I can put up on the Etsy shop for others who would like to make one for themselves! It's definitely a design for the more experienced crocheter, though. There are some tricks and turns that would be otherwise difficult for those just learning and still getting comfortable with basic crochet techniques. If you'd like to get your hands on this design, just click here and it will take you to the listing for the pattern. And as for the style of the ivory one, I do plan to go back and get a pattern going for that one as well.