Saturday, December 20, 2014

Swirly, Whirly, and Fun DIY Ornaments

Family Craft: Paint Swirl Ornaments

If anyone is bopping around on Pinterest, you are sure to come across variations of this particular 
project. Good news is, it actually works! We first did these about 4 years ago and they are still going strong. Working on the first round definitely helped me figure out a few things to make the experience a little better.

1.First of all, save money and just get the plastic ones you can find in a craft shop. Makes it much easier with handling, especially if you have little hands helping.

2.Get a few empty water bottles ready for the drying process. First use a scissor to vent the upper portion of the water bottle to create air flow, and then pour in some rice at the bottom to help pull out moisture from the paint since rice is a natural desiccant.

3. The metallic acrylic paint really does give the best results, especially when hung in the tree. The lights help show off the flecks in the paint.

4. Make sure to have painters tape on hand to cover the opening of the ornament. This will also keep paint from going everywhere when a little helper gets very excited!

How to do it-

Choose about 2-4 colors you want to have swirled in the ornament. Too many colors will start to create a muddied look. I tend to err on 3 for mine.

Carefully add about a teaspoon worth of each color into the ornament and then cover the opening w the masking tape.

For best results, first roll the ornament around to get the paints to work their way up to the opening. Then just tap and shake to spread the paint out. If you need to add more color, do so a few drops at a time.

When the ornament is as covered as you would like, take off the painters tape, turn upside down and place on the opening of the ornament into the opening of the empty water bottles. Allow a good few days to really make sure the paint dries fully before recapping the ornament.

You can tie a pretty ribbon into the hanging loop or use a pipe cleaner. Really those options are endless. Just make sure to store them safely away in cardboard box with some breathing room. Plastic boxes can actually get the paint running if there is any presence of moisture.

So that's it! Have fun and enjoy :)